August 07, 2017

Your surroundings directly impact your productivity, creativity, energy and mood. They are continually reinforcing your beliefs, whether positive or negative. When you are in an environment that brings you energy and supports and aligns your desires, you instantly feel better.  When you feel better, you make better decisions, in turn improving the overall quality of your life. Hello, positive momentum! 

For example, an acquaintance of mine was telling me how her friend, who always had to have new decor in her home, gave her an old sofa.  The leg on the sofa was broken.  She gladly accepted the broken-leg sofa (and she told herself it was just fine and didn't have to always have new things like her friend.)  

She later told me how every time she walked in her front door she would see that broken-leg sofa.  It bugged her, but she continued to tell herself she didn’t need a new sofa.  What she didn’t realize until later is that the broken-leg sofa was subconsciously reinforcing a belief she didn’t want every time she walked through her front door.  

While she knew she wasn’t crazy about that sofa, she didn’t realize the magnitude effect it was having on her overall mindset. The beliefs she was reinforcing were, 

"I'm not good enough for a new sofa," 
"I am not worth spending money on," 
"I only get hand-me-downs." 


These messages are powerful because they create patterns in our brain, which become what we call our subconscious.  The unconscious constantly communicates with the conscious to drive and give meaning to our actions, behaviors and decisions.  When your subconscious is reinforcing the belief that you are not good enough, you will then make other decisions in your life based on that subconscious thought.  Herein lies the power of your subconscious and how it impacts the overall quality of your life. 

If this acquaintance would have purchased a sofa that she loved, that made her want to sit down, kick her feet up and relax after her day at work, think how that directly changes her subconscious.  She feels worthy, satisfied, a sense of luxury like when you walk into a gorgeous hotel room and cannot wait to plop down on the sofa.  What (and who) you surround yourself with matters greatly.  It's your life, it's your decision, you choose the life you want to live in.


Cheers to you!  You are soooo worth it!



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